Cooter, Mangold, Deckelbaum & Karas, LLP is a litigation boutique in Washington, D.C. When you come into our office, we may be in blue jeans and t-shirts; we do not take ourselves too seriously, but we take our craft very seriously. Our team of senior attorneys focuses on representing clients in both commercial litigation and bankruptcy matters.

We represent clients in complex business disputes in state, federal and bankruptcy courts throughout the country, and in international arbitration and insolvency proceedings. We represent a wide variety of clients - from Fortune 100 companies to smaller companies and individuals.

We have taken hundreds of cases to successful conclusions, whether by trial or settlement, including a significant number of cases with values in the eight-figure range. A high percentage of our cases go to trial, because we will not recommend settlement unless we are confident that the settlement is in the best interest of the client.

CMDK’s partners are experienced litigation and bankruptcy attorneys, allowing us to effectively and efficiently provide legal services to our clients. Without the staffing overhead of a larger firm, we are able to offer our clients a variety of fee structures. The firm handles matters on a straight hourly fee basis, on a contingency basis, on a flat-fee basis, and on a modified contingency basis (a combination of reduced or capped hourly fee and a percentage of the recovery).